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5gvirusnews Haber Merkezi Washington / 24 Ağustos 2020

ABD halkı güvenli olmayan radyasyon seviyelerinden korunmadıkları için çeşitli davalar açtılar.  Şimdi Federal İletişim Komisyonu'nun (FCC) telekom endüstrisini yeniden düzenleyerek, 5G konuşlandırması kapsamında karada ve uzayda  korunmayı bekliyor. ABD halkı FCC’nin yeniden yapılanmasını isterken, yeni teknoloji karşısında da  çaresiz kalmak istemiyor. Yine 5G kapsamında bütün uygulamaların, güvenli olduğu kanıtlanıncaya kadar kullanımının yasaklanması da gündemde.

Çünkü, ABD’de 700'den fazla tıbbi ve bilimsel uzman 5G'ye karşı  itirazlarında,  FCC ile karşı karşıya kaldı.

ABD’nin dört bir yanından 700'den fazla tıp ve bilim uzmanı, bağımsız bilim insanları 5 Ağustos 2020 tarihinde  gönderdikleri ortak bildiride,  5G iletişimi için yüksek spektrumlu bantların ticari kullanımının başlangıç ​​onayını durdurması çağrısında bulundu.

Yapılan çağrıda yüksek frekanslı bantların,  insanlara  ve doğaya zarar verdiğini ama görünürdeki umursamazlıkla doğal dünyamız üzerindeki kullanımının dramatik bir şekilde büyüdüğü, bu durumun  ise son derece rahatsız edici olduğu açıklandı.

Uzmanlar, yüksek frekanslı radyo frekansı aktarımlarının, yön bulma için dünyanın manyetik alanlarını kullanan böceklerin, kuşların ve diğer hayvanların seyir kabiliyetine müdahale edebileceğini gösteren bağımsız bilimsel çalışmaların yanı sıra, belirli frekansların biyolojik ve fizyolojik zararlara da neden olabileceğini gösteren diğer çalışmalardan alıntı yaptılar.

Amerika’da kar amacı gütmeyen  proje Müdürü Zoe Berg, “Bilim insanları her gün kablosuz radyasyonun doğal dünyamızı nasıl olumsuz etkileyebileceği hakkında daha fazla şey öğreniyor.” dedi.

(*) Federal İletişim Kurulu, İngilizce resmi ismiyle Federal Communications Commission, ABD'nin eyaletler arası ve uluslararası radyo, televizyon, tel, uydu ve kablo iletişmini denetleyen bağımsız bir devlet dairesi.

Açılan dava metni ve imzalayanları ;


August 5, 2020

Ms. Marlene H. Dortch

Secretary, Federal Communications Commission

445 12th Street, SW Washington, DC 20554

RE: Comments on the FCC’s Proposed Rule (Docket No. 20-133): “Modernizing and Expanding Access to the 70/80/90 GHz Bands”

Dear Ms. Dortch,

As medical, public health and scientific professionals, we are writing to express our opposition to the above captioned matter, and herewith submit the following comments on the agency's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Order dated June 10, 2020 which purports to modernize and expand commercial access to the 70, 80 and 90 GHz bands.

Our opposition is rooted in the fact that the agency lacks sufficient scientific knowledge to properly assess the potential impact of this dramatically expanded use of the spectrum on the health and safety of people and the environment. We call on you to delay any implementation of this order until such time as the Commission has sought and received input from the independent scientific community, and brought critical balance to its decision-making process.

We have previously communicated to the agency the scientifically proven biological effects associated with human exposure to high-frequency radiofrequency microwave radiation (“RFR”). In this submission, we focus on the hazards that high frequency RFR poses to the natural world – impacts which must be considered by the FCC’s rule-making processes under the mandate of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Although the effects of exposure to RFR have been studied since the 1950s, sharper investigative tools are enabling scientists to understand more precisely how these exposures are causing biological harm. Yet, the agency seems either unaware of such research or unconcerned about it. Not only do the words "environment," "health" and "wildlife" fail to appear anywhere in the 38- page document regarding this matter, but there has apparently been no discussion or consideration of these tangential impacts.

As we contemplate increased use of these frequency bands to enable enhanced communications in outer space, for air travel and terrestrially, we would be wise to consider that migratory birds use the earth’s magnetic field to navigate. Magnetite is found in a wide variety of organisms and scientists have proven that this substance is used by birds to sense the earth’s low energy magnetic field as a sort of internal compass.1 Researchers have discovered that RFR disturbs these internal magneto-receptors used for orientation.2 Numerous studies have confirmed this propensity for RFR to disrupt avian navigation.3 4

Honey bees, critical to our food supply, are also affected by RFR, particularly in the higher bands. Exposure can cause dielectric heating in the abdomen, and the absorption of RFR in bees is frequency dependent. This frequency dependency is important, since 5G networks will be operating at higher frequencies, as the matter at hand contemplates.5 6 7 8

High frequency RFR can also have profound impacts on other parts of our natural environment by disruption of other complex cellular, biologic and reproductive processes in insects, fish, amphibians, mammals, trees and plants.9

We humans interfere with nature at our peril, and the agency's apparent disregard for the potential impacts of dramatically expanding the use of these high-frequency bands on our natural world is deeply disturbing.

We urge the Commission, in the strongest possible terms, to proactively seek the guidance of scientific experts who can enlighten agency officials regarding the possible and probable consequences of its proposed actions.


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Morales, Environmental Scientist Jennifer Morgan-Binns, LCSW Karin Nance, MSAOM Tamar Naor, LCSW Lucy Newstead, CIRM Stephanie O'Brien, FDN-P Ryan O'Meara, CDL Seth Oberst, DPT Holly Ottesen, CHN Kevin Pabon, CPT/Nutrition Denise Parker, CHN Karyne Richardson, Member, National Association Environmental Medicine Rita Roxas, CMT Eliza Rudolph, LCSW Rosemarie Russell, CDT, NAP Kenneth Russell, FAA Fred Saenz, CNC David Shirazi, DDS Jalal Sidani, DPM Kathleen Stenstadvold, RDA Claudia Taylor, Medical Interpreter Kerry-Lynn Thomas, LPC Amy Tichy Smith, Masters in PT Irena Varjabedian, CLS Kathy Veon, DAOM Joe Vollink, PA-C Trisha Wade, MAcc Kari Wagner, BSW Daniel Wagner, Radiofrequency Engineer Palma Walker, Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist Janette Warren, Therapist Gary Washburn, MT Linda Webb, LCSW Rita Widmann, RDH Maria Williams, ANP-BC Janice Winton, OTR/L Amy Wise, OTR/L Donna Wolf, RD Linda Wolschlager, CHN Additional Signatories: Noel Abbott Nella Abbott Christopher Abbott Mohammad Abdelhamid Tayba Abdullah Julie Abizaid Carol Abramoff Usha Abramovitz Mary Abramson Aileen Acevedo George Ackenheil Ben Adams Katrina Adams Cathy Adams Thomas Adams Jr. Pete Addi Catherine Adkins Amanda Aggen Frank Agrama Fran Aguirre Nicholas Ahn Frank Aiudi Sue Akerman Mehrdad Alavi Yosef Albukerk John Alderton Peter Aleff Jessica Aleman Zarney Alexander Bambi Alexander Jessica Alexander-Fields Onyinye Alheri Bonnie Allard Cynthia Allen Denise Allen Doug Allen Felicity Allen Paul Allen Wanda Allen Mark Allison Beverly Allor Autumn Almanza Edd Altavela Pascale Althaus Tom Altman Octavio Alvarado Andrew Alvarado Sandra Alvarez Thor Alvarez Carlton Aman Ivy Amar Adrienne Amatulli Janice Amenta Karen Amidon Danielle Amodeo Erik Andelman Jessica Andersen Todd Anderson Mari Deen Anderson Deborah Andrew Della Angelista Konstantina Angelova Marta Annis Donna Antelmi Natasha Antenor Jeanine Antiporek Gail Anton Mary Anton Victoria Aoki Yetzabel Arias Fernandez Jena Art John Aselin Pam Ashburn D'Anna Asher Catherine Austin Jazmin Azize Massey Karen Baack Amanda Babb Leanne Bafus Allison Bagg Rena Bailey Peter Baione Kathy Bakane Bret Baker Susie Baker Tricia Baker Victoria Baker Detrice Baldwin Cathy Baldwin Debbie Banditelli Beth Banister Jill Bankhalter Laila Banks Kem Banks Mildred Banks Stanley Banos Jaquelyn Barajas Andrea Barbour John Barkhausen Randy Barlow Eslie Barlow Mary -Ann Barnes Emilia Barnes Beverly Barnes Sally Barnhart Roger Barr Rebecca Barranca Pat Barrett Elizabeth Barris Kathy Barron Michael Baruch Anna Bastida Peter Bastien Francis Battaglia Alisa Battaglia Patty Battaglio Lucy Bavne Lori Baxter Barbara Baxter Ken Bayard Peggy Bean Cyndo Beardslee Cheri Beauchemin Hubert Beck Michelle Beckham Amanda Bedgood Matt Beeuwsaert Jeffrey Beever Eileen Begley Gayle Behn Brenda C. 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Colleen Brown Karl Brown Alexander Browning Audrey Bruckner Angelina Brummett Richard Bryant Ute Bublitz Adair I. Buckner Elizabeth Bueche Linda Buice Alison Burchette Albert Burke Rachel Burke Adam Burnett Ssmdy Bush Becky Butela Holly Buynovsky Victoria Byrnes Bob & Betsy Philbrick Maya Cain Emma Cairo Inuta Cakane Delice Calcote Julie Calderwood Lonnie Caldwell Stephanie Caldwell Anne Marie Call Krista Campanaro Amanda Campbell Rebecca Em Campbell Rita Campbell Tom Campbell Susan Canning Janessa Cannon Vivian Capritto Riuko Carey Timothy Cargill Dana Carini Manuel Cario Rev. Roma Carlisle Carol Carlisle Diane Carlson Heather Carlson Richard Carlson Aryana Carmichel Anita Carroll Aliya Carter Colleen Casale Christine Case Leo Cashman Alexandra Cassaniti Cordelia Casso Tracie Castaldo Alice Castellano Kevin Casto Amadis Catalano Lisa Catherine John Cava Patricia Caverly James Cayon Dean Celaya Ray Cesca Eriks Chamberlin Rebecca Chambers Alice Chan Christine Chancey Steve Chandler Christine Chao Teresa Chao Clara Chapman Nancy Chapman Karen Chappell Brad Charlevoix Craig Chase Greer Chase Bill Cheung Dawn Chike Wanna Chin Wendy Chin Beth Chiodo Cesar Chiriboga Kathy Chism Bree Christiansen Marguerite Christie Michelle Christmas Colleen Cimador Jeannette Clark Rose Clayton Anthony Clevenger Lisa Cline Molly Clinehens Tom Cockley Jessica Coco Alex Coelho Amanda Cofone Lulu Cohen Corneliaus Cole Gloria Cole Amanda Coleman Barbara Colon Eric Colwell Olga Comeau Mary Lou Conca Heather Condon Amanda Conrad Shannon Conrad Gary Conway Christopher L . Cook Delores Cook Deborah Cooney James Coons Gloria Cooper Mandy Cooper Frederick Coor David Cope Mary Cordaro Donna Corso Leslee Cotlow Cheryl Couch Colette Cowles Cynthia Cox Sidnee Cox Teresa Bradley Cox Diane Craig Veronica Craig -McFeely Marla Crites Deborah Crowell Rachel Crudale James Crumley Estelle Cruse Marcela Cruz Ryan Cumiskey Andrea Cummings Elizabeth Cunningham Steve Curtes Nancy Curtes Nicholas Curto Doug Czor Leslie Dack Isabelle Daikeler Yanne Dalman Giovanna Dalmares Dustin Dalton Lisa Dancing -Light Nancy Danley Gail Danos Pamela Dass Garry Daud Nora Davidson Cecilie Davidson Heather Davis Donna Davis Kenya Davis Alex Davis Maureen Davison Tom & Elsa Dawson Scott Dawson Julia De Ath Melinda de Marmion Lauren de Remer Jeanine Deal Dezri Dean Katie Dean Jacqueline Debold -Thompson Garry Dedrick Diana Dees Sofia Delalanza Gypsy DeLaLuz Mayte Delgado Lisa Delgrande Todd Dell Linda Delman Ron Delp Connie deMaio Miriana Demas Beth Dennison Margaret DePasquale Jody DeRusha Anu Dever Colleen Devey Dylan Deveza Lin Marie deVincent Debbie Devine Kathy Devos Jessica Diamondstone Antonio Dias John Diaz Janet Diaz Rodrigo Diaz Emily Diefenbaugh Alan Dieringer Karen Dietschweiler Andrea DiGeronimo Christina DiJulio Athena Dileva Gavin Dillard Joseph Dillon Greg Dinger Nancyjo Dinsmore Sean Dobbyn Maureen Doherty Catherine Dollahite Eduardo Dominguez David Donabedian Carol Donahoe Jessica Dorais Dian Dossias Jacqueline Downie Robert Dozier Vera Dragicevich William Drew David Druding Linda Ducharme Norma Duerksen Barbara Dufault Jack Duffie Sarah Duffy Lamnek Chantel Dunlap Lisa Duran Aimee Duree Michael Dustrude Sandra Dwan Darlene Dynega Nicole Dyson Anna Dyson Cindy Eagleton Heather Eatmon Nathan Ebbing Vickie Eberflus Brian Ebersole Vivian Edmondson Kimberly Edmundson Barbara Edwards Emily Eisen Monica Eisenstecken Laurie Eisler Lewis Elbinger Christina Eldredge Cynthia Eleazer Daniela Elefteriadis Luis Elizalde Joyce Ellenson Kris Elletson JoAnna Elliott Shelley Ellis Eugene Elmer Jennifer Erenberg Brian Errante Erika Escamilla Danielle Escayg Linda Espino Autumn Eyestone Joseph Fagundes Alison Fahland Judy Faiman Devin Fairbanks Bonnie Fairbanks Kathleen Fanone Virgnia Farver Craig Farver Maria Fay Pat Fenchak Karen Fenneman Keith Fennessy Elizabeth Fente Heather Ferguson Melissa Ferguson Arlene Ferguson Donni Fields Laura Fifer Stacey Finnerty Dianne Finno Arthur Firstenberg Laurie Fisher Hannah Fisher Jami Fitzgerald Robyyn Flahart Michael Fleck Elizabeth Fleming Wanda Flick Nikki Florio Lynn Floyd Tammy Flynn Maria Folts Yvonne Fontana Christa Ford Ananur Forma Brittany Forrest Susan Foster Erika Foutz Susan Fox William Foy Allison Fradkin Lesta Frank Nathan Fraser Teresa Frederick Paul Freeman Cameron Freeman Debbie Friedman Seth Friedman Nora Frolick Richard Frost Susan Frost Virginia Fujii Jennifer Fuller Susan Fuller Belinda Fuller Krystle Fulton Bonnet Gerrard Shanta Gabriel Ula Gadea Susan Gage Antonio Gagliardi Karine Galadzhyan Michael Galceran Rosemary Galian i Sandra Galiwango Jeanette Gallagher Reza Ganjavi Leah Ganz Carol Garcia Julie Garcia Tara Gardner Joanna Gardner Nikki Garoutte Karl Garrett Cassandra Gatewood Robin Gaura Steve Gaylord Joanna Gear Annette Gehling Jennifer Gentry Jim Gerlach Maureen Germain Kara Giacobbe Lucy Giambrone Helen Gibson Martha Gies Jessica Gilbert Janice Gildea Joseph Gilles Kylie Gillespie Thomas Gillett Valerie Gillman Barbara Gilmore Carolina Gilson Kathy Ging Marco Giordano Christina Giunta Christine Glaser Matt Glennon Serena Glidden Glenda Gloss Joanne Godlewsky Leslie Gold Victoria Gold Glenn Goldman Brenda Goldstein Jan Golik Danny Golnik Pat Goltz Victor Golubic Samantha Gomes Kelsey Gonzales Sol Gonzalvo Bert Goodrich Allison Goodwin Lonnie Gordon Marcy Gordon Cathy Gottschalk Susan Graham Mark Graham Vincent Granata Sandra Gray Laurel Green Mike Green Nona Green Arthur Greenberg Susan Greenberg Dward Greenbird Molly Greeno Jane Greenwood Rick Greenwood Petrina Gregson Gloria Gressman Diana Griffin Joshua Griffith Constance Grimm Kathryn Gritton Emily Grove Suzette Guadarrama Linda Gudmundson Charlotte Gunther Katrina Gustafson Kirby Gutow Chad Haa Brett Haavisto Nicole Hagen Sandra Hall Julia Hall Jeremy Hall Whitney Hall Judy Halliwell Jeanne Hallquist April Hampton Jimmy Han Shannon Hanaway Don Handyside Wolfgang Hanemann Maria Hanley Laura Hanrahan Evan Hansen Heidi Hansen Ruth Hara Geza Harasz Ericka Hardie Sandra Hardy Beverly Harlan Amy Harlib Suzanne Harrington Richard Harrison Doreen Harrison Janet Renee Harry Carol Hart Randall Hart James Hart Bruce Hartdegen Judith Hartwigs Jason Harvey Diane Hashem Simone Haslam Sonia Hassan Jeannette Hassberg Karen Hasselo Christine Hatfield Ashley Hathaway Linnea Hauser Marsha Hauser Alison Hawkins Katie Hawn Lindsey Haws Khristine Hawthorne Turahn Hayden Paul Hayward Kevin Heairet Kathleen Healey Diane Heath Dana Hees Jacqueline Heim Zachary Heller Jane Hellewell Leslie Henderson Marla Henderson Heidi Hens John Henshaw Richard Henson Henna Heringer Fred Herschelman Denise Hevly Sherri Hewett Jim Hickey Deborah Hickman Robert Higgins Anne Hinde Genaveve Hinegardner Bob Hird Jack Hix Deb Hodgdon Christina Hodge David Hodges Galyna Hoffer Cynthia Hoffman Janis Hoffmann Jim Hogue Lonner Holden Katarina Hollbrink Larry Holm Prudence Holmes Valeri Hood Michelle Hood Darwin Hoop Brandi Hope Caroline Hope Charlene Hopey Renee Horne Ruth Horneck Christine Horowitz Lee Horowitz Rebecca Horton Sue House Samuel Howard Bruce Howarth Peter Howe Wendy Howell Mary Howland Olina Hren Sam Hubbard Sarah Hudock Sue Hudson Lauren Huefner Charles Hughes Glynnis Hughes Courtney Hull Rebecca Hull Barbara Humphrey Judith Hunt Lisa Hupfer Helen Hurst Erin Hurst Brian Hurst Lisa Hutchinson Cheryl Hymas Gordon Igov Kim Invergo Melanie Irwin Sue Isfreeya Dianna Isom Sharon Iszak Martin Iversen Ingrid Iversen Janine Iyer Keri Jackson Shawn Jackson Donna Jackson Jennifer Jackson Hannah Jackson Adrienne Jackson Andrew Jackson Mieke Jacobs Steven Jakobsen Joyce Jallo Robert James Barbara James Les Jamieson Maria Janca Ernie Janet Melissa Janicke Kim Jansen Jennifer Jansen Vic Jasin Desiree Jaworski Deb Jellick Lauren Jenkins Janis Jenkins Laurie Jenkins Tove Kristine Jensen Garry & Linda Jensen Nancy Jensen Christine Jensen Benjamin Jensen Jeanette Jensen Mary Jochim Lewis John Aiden Johns Grace Johnson Janet Johnson Jean Johnson Karen Johnson Mark Johnson Michael Johnson Stephana Johnson Stephen Johnson Alexander Johnston Terry Johnston Matthew Johnston Gail Jones Georgina Jones Jolie Jones Judy Joseph Kathleen Jones Kecia Jones Louise Jones Marjorie Jones Stephanie Jones Susan Jones Dori Joyner Erikson Norma Juby Seth Kalin Angela Kaloudis James Kapellas Lejla Kappmeyer Camila Karam Priscilla Karant Sarah Karmani Katherine Katzin Tim Kauffman Richard Kauffman Paulina Kay Mike Keating Anne Keehn Kathleen Keil Betty Kelley Steve Kelley Josie Kelly Doe Kelly Jo Kelly Thomas Kelly Stacie Kendall Karin Kendrick Paulette Kennamer Carol Kenney Marjory Kephart Ingrid Kepler -May Ted Kerasote Teresa Jo Kernbach Albena Kervanbashieva Ginger Kesler Bonnie Kestner Christopher Ketcham Shelly Kidwell Jane Kiesel Megan Kimmelshue William Kinard Catherine King Denise King Elaine King Sheryl King Vicky King Scott Kingsley Lucinda Kinlow Nancy Kirtley Laura Kissmann Ollis Kitchens Karma Kitto Tammy Kjos Yuki Klahr Anthony Klein Jackie Klein Tiffany Klein Deborah Klein Steen Kleist David Klim Nancy Klimp Christy Klincewicz Karen Klink Gayle Klor Doris Knick Una Kobrin Cindy Koch Leigh Kohnfelder Gillianne Kolb Trisha Kometer Agni Kontras Denise Kontras Deborah Kornblau Lisa Koska Robin Kostrikin Kristen Koziel Kathleen Krailler Lisa Kreimes Ulrike Kretschmar Heather Kropf David Krupnick Jill Stacey Krutick John Kurczewski Ronald Kuriloff Marilyn Laatsch Alice LaBarge Denis LaBrehce Julie Lacourse Chantal L a Font Josephine Laing Mindy LaManta John Lamar Sherry Lamb Ellen Lamb Abdellah Lamini Jennifer Landgraf Amy Landon -Arnel Gerald Landry Thelma Landry Desiree Langeveld Emily Lanxner Jennifer LaPorta Elizabeth Larson Michele LaRue Bonnie Lascelles Modrall Lathers Robert Latta Kenzie Lattimer Lisa Laughlin Gene Lawson Dan Lawton Marjorie Layman Danielle Lazarakis Ljiljana Lazetic Marilyn Lebish Kezia Lechner Faye Lederman Cathy Ledward Ruby Lee Elizabeth Lee Terry Lee Shirley Lee Amanda Lee Nancy Lee -Menard Daniel Lefkowitz Laura Legere Kathy Lekic Allison Lekstrom Sean Lemert Tessa Lena Carolyn Lenert Jess Lerner Dana Lewis Laraine Lewis Kathleen Lewis Ralph Lewis Sylvia Lewis -Gunning Dewi Maile Lim Susan Lincoln Jimmy Lindsjo Timothy Lindstrom Gayin Linx Lisa Lipkin Valerie Lis Beki Lischalk Vladimir Litvinenko Teresa Litz Lisa Livekady Emily Lloyd Carol Loar Ashana Lobody Tessa Lochhead Diane Lochner Anthony Long Jessica Longstreet Alma Lopez Judith Lorraine Laura Love Ming Lovejoy Karen Lovejoy Lisa Lovelady Josephine Lowe Helen Lubin Maria Luebke Lidia Lundberg Victoria Lunt Gail Lusson Rosario Luttenberger Kristin Lynch Ken Lynch Helen Lynch Joseph Lyons Marta Macbeth James Mackinder Jessica MacNaughton Robert Maddox Janice Madore Paula Mae Mafi Maea Alfred Magaletta Nicole Magee Michelle Magid Joseph Mallak Jari Malm Marla Mangone Augustin Manke Maureen Manley Sheila Mannix Denise Maple Renee Marceau Michael Marcella Mary Marcina Leslie Mardenborough Abbygail Mark Cecilia Marker Manuel Marques Ricardo Marques Tina Martellacci AmyMartenson Hope Martin Mike Martin Beverly Martin Brenda Martinez Latricia Martinez Reyna Martinez Roseann Martorana Janet Marx Jane Marzewski Kathy Masberg Nicole Mason George Massey Shelley Masters Brooks Mathern Alicia Mathison Veronica Matus Godoy Maria Mauceli Cee Maudal Maria Maudlin Benedict Mauer Diane Maupin Ppaul Maupin Kathleen Mautner Tania Maxfield John Maxwell Geraldine May Maria Maycel Sarah Mayer Noreen McCarthy Christine McCarthy Donna McCarthy Sheryl McCartney Erin McClary -Carter Evan McClelland Ellie McCole William McCormick Lynda McCourt David McDowell Thomas McFarlan Patricia McGinnis Brooke McGowan Denise McGuire Cathleen McGuire Tonya McKimmy Janelle McKinley Sarah Mclean Jolene McManus Colin McNamara Teresa McNaspy Michelle McNitt Patricia McNulty Brad Meadows Scott Mealiff Breeze Medina Frank Megyery Marsha Mehrdad Nathan Meister Michelle Melendez Theresa Melia Christine Melkonian Juan Meneses Ilse Menger Phyllis Menos Andrea Mercier Nick Merolesi Lisle Merriman Amanda Merriss Vienna Merritt Moore Geri Metz Heather Metz Morton Michaels Lynn Micucci Shaina Milam Mara Miles Lorene Miller Steve Miller Louis Miller Henry Miller Doreen Miller Lisa Miller Alisa Miller Kathleen Miller Calvin Milroy Thomas Mirese Lora Mitchell Alicia Mitchell Robert Mitchell Diana Mitzel Kim Modesitt Ellen Mogensen Bernard Mohn Nicki Mohr Deborah Mokma Louanne Moldovan David Molidor Marilyn Molitor Linda Molyneux Heather Molzan Guy Monacelli David -Michael Monasch Tina Montajano Maria Montano Gayle Montgomery Karen Montoya Eric Moore Grace Moore Katrina Moore Matthew Moore Connie Moorhead Yvette Morales Ken Moran Laura Mordaunt James Morgan Tiffany Morgan Rebecca Morr Mary Morris Molly Morris Wanda Morris David Morrison Manorath Morrison Shari Morrison Teresa Mosby Rich Moser Lisa Moskow Danielle Moskowitz Amanda Moss Sherry Mowry Falene Moya Ravens Muehlgay Ross Muir Maria Muir Miles Mulcahy Corinna Muntean Sierra Murphree Sierra Murphree Jim Murphy James Murphy Jessie Murphy Danielle Murphy Faris Valerie Murphy Greene Phyllis Myer Christina Myers Rik Myers Chelsea Myrman Richard Nace Marilyn Naparst Nick Napolitano Karen Napper Daryl Nash Lynn Navarra Kimberly Neal Alexia Neill Kamala Nellen Brenda Nelsen Elizabeth Nelsen Jodi Nelson Nicki Nelson Steven Nethercott Maria Nevels Brent Newman William Newman Pam Nichols Stine Nielsen Shelly Niemand Anna Nikki Noelle Nimallah Terri Noggle Virginia Noggle Bernie Noiman Mamoon Noorestani Michelle Nordstrom Cristina North Jessica Northey Kara Nova Albert Novak Alicia Nowicka Anna Nowicka Harvey Nuila James Nunn Sharon Nutt Annie O'Connor Meaveen O'Connor Virginia O ’Connor Jessica O'Kan e M . P . O ’Neal Amie Oakley Donna Obdyke Debbie Oberhausen Annie Ocean Frank A . O ’Donnell Claudette Ohlsen Nina Olivearez Tom Oliveira Martin Oliver Valerie Olson Victoria Oltarsh Brian Olynek Gail Oosting Dorothy Ormerod Ron Orovitz Peter Orphanides John Orr Larry Ortega Deb Osgood Irene Osten Richard Oswald Hani Othman Joyce Ott -Kaufman Deborah Outlaw Valerie Owens Jim Pa Steve Padgett Holly Padilla Angela Page Marlene Palicz Michelle Palmas Shelly Palmer Vivian Paolini Ida Pardo Ralph Parker Beedy Parker Larry Parrish Joan Parsons Fred Pasner Mark Passow Araya Pathwalker Margarita Patino Kirk Patrick Diana Patterson Stephanie Paucar Julie Paul Kate Paulin Elizabeth Pavlov Megan Pearl Dane Pearson Nita Peltier Janet Penn Lynda Penwell William Pepper Marlena Perez Julie Perez Andy Peri Celia Perillo Jillian Perkins Dottie Perkins Abram Perlstein Catherine Perman Donald Perry Debbie Persampire Brian Peters Daniel Peterson Glenda Peterson Brooke Peterson Mark Petrey Daniela Petrilli Claudia Petrilli Antoine Petrone Lana Petty Elizabeth Phair Brian Phillips Robert Phillips Rhonda Phillips Sharon Phillips Sherry P iche Brittany Pierce Floyd Pike Thora Pilling Blanca Pineda Jeannine Piro Nkisi Pi r o Ally Pi r o Rocco Piserchia Jon Place Sergey Plotnikov William Plummer Denise Podbielski Stan Podgorski Sandy Poe Yvonne Polenc Linden Politi D. Ray Polk Cliff Pollauf Kyle Pople Nicole Porcaro Maggie Porterfield Meredith Potter Lora Potts Jennnifer Powell Debra Pratt Susan Predl Theresa Prescott Theresa & Walter Prescott Melanie Priest Adrian Prime Gabe Prindle Dawn Proctor Patricia Proehl Janice Pronko Mark Proudfoot Elena Prudnikova Elisabeth Puccio Cheryl Pursel Joseph Querciagrossa Nick Quinlan Raymur Rachels Cara Rachlin Beverly Raimondo Harry Rainbow Donna Raineri Janice Rainey Anil Ramachandren Lorraine Ramey Carole Ramke Betsy Ramsey Donna Randazzo Bill Randell Jessica Rangel Cindy Ranuio Rebecca Rasmus Mair Rathburn Malina Rauschenfels Renee Aleen Realmuto Alexa Rebecca Rhonda Reichel Natalie Reid Shane Reilly Sarah Reilly Kelcey Reina Darcy Reinagel William Reinard Conny Reis Tristen Reis Jim Reisfelt Nita Renfrew April Renninger Richard Reno Julie Retzlaff Jeanette Reuhl Pip Reynolds Ellen Rice Karen Rich Lindsy Richards Rich Richardson Juliet Richardson Laura Richter Brian Ridgway Isis Riesterer Albert Gil Riley Ruth Rin Jennifer Ripley Dar Riser Kim Riser Richard Ritz Francisco Rivera Chaya Rivkin Jason Robards III Carol Roberts Susan Roberts Chris Robison Cynthia Roche Therese Rockwell Francisco & Abigail Rodriguez Erika Rodriguez Francisco Rodriguez Kendra Rodriguez Sara Rogers Kelly Rogers Deborah Rogers Rafael Rolon Kathleen Roman Donna Romo Laura Rosas Elaine Rosati Solvejg Rose Beverly Rose Lela Rose Susan Ross Christine Rosser Kate Rossetto Joseph Rossi Joann Rossi Sylvie Rossi Lara Roth Cynthia Roush Kathi Roussel Jann Rowbal Laura Roy Roland Roy Paula Rucker Miranda Rudegeair Lorrie Rudolph Andrea Ruffo Sandy Ruiz Lisa Runnels Kathy Ruopp Patricia Ruppel Sharon Rushton Nancy Russell Lynn Russell Daniel Rustigian Susan Ryan Julie Ryan -Winkley Cynthia Ryden Barb Rysdale William Sabella Susan Sachs Troika Saint Germain Emma Sainz Olivia Salamon Raul Salazar Sojourner Salinas Leanne Salter Teoma Sanders Tina Sando Stacey Santoro Marilou Santos Nicole Santos Karl Sapp Raine Saunders Robert Saunders Angela Scala Linda Scavo Annie Scheppach Ted Schiefelbein Jr . Marna Schindler Donna Schivley Dianne Schley Marcus Schluschen Liz Schmidt Darlene Schmidt Amber Schmollinger Alice Schneiderman Marie Schopac Jeff Schreiber Karen Schulte Erica Schumacher John Schurko Nancy Schwartz Carolyn Scott John Scritsmier Paol Seagram Adam Sealey Crissy Seamster Helen Sears Kenneth Segal Yvonne Segal Nicolas Segaud Deb Seitzinger Carolyn Selm Troy Seman Conny Sena Karen Sensenig Deb Serna Rose Shafi David Shannahoff-Khalsa Antonette Sharfin Julie Shaw Olga Sheean Lise Sheehan Rachel Shelley Susan Shemin Steve Shequin Bruce Sherman Chuck Sherwood Tom Shields Tracy Shiflett Dolores Shine Deborah Shisler Gloria Shkolnik Chantae Shor Steven Shore Valerie Shore Seirna Shouna -Leaher Amy Shute Judith Shutes Natalia Sibirtseva Sabrina Siegel Rex Siegmeth Christine Siena Victoria Sievers Liz Sigel Elizabeth Sigel Allan Sikorski Cheryl Silberman Armando Silva Nathan Silvera Michael Silveria Michael Sinclair Frederick Sinclair Martha Sirjane Peter Sjvoberg Carol Skabe Randall Skates Beverly Skinner Sarah Skoda Baylen Sky Chuck Slade Courtney Sletten Brie Sloan Barbara Smith Brittany Smith Caroline Smith Caryl Smith Cathy Smith Dana Smith Doris Smith Fred Smith Gar Smith Guila Smith Janice Smith Jasmine Smith Kelley Smith Linda Smith Lynda Smith Melissa Smith Noel Smith Sabina Smith Zoe Smith Davide Smith Jr. Melinda Snead John Snyder Matt Snyder Natasha Soleiman Joshua Soleiman Yvonne Solis Patricia Sonne Joyce Soos Jesus Soriano Beverly Sosin Jason Sostaric Carol Spangler Zach Spangler Amy Spaulding Sarah Spector Robert Speights Sharon Spencer Therell Spencer Jesse Spencer Diane Sperber John J . Spofford Lasya Sreepada Marc St. Louis Ann Stahl Nick Stango Robert Stano Valerie Starr Claire Steele Bonnie Steelman Jennifer Steinberg Gabriele Steiner Kathleen Stenstadvold Irena Stepanova Allison Sterritt Martha Stettinius Margy Stewart Mickie Stewart Alison Stockland Michele Stoddard Margaret Stoklosa Suzann e Stone Harmony Storms Rachael Stosiek Barbara Stott Toby Stover Mary Stowe Christine Strasser Janne Straus Dana Strayton Shelby Stricklin Elizabeth Stringer Karen Strode Christopher Strunk Susan Stucko Francoise Studer Lynn Stull Shoshana Suellis Carol Sullivan Donna Summers John Sunde Sandra Sunseri Jen Sutherlin Melody Swan Gabrielle Swanberg Paul Swank Ted Swanson Lisa Swarbrick Kimberley Sweeney Elizabeth Sweet Aibleks Sylkuas Kin Szeto Janet Tache Bruce Talbott Andrea Talley Gay Talton Richard Tamburo Trey Tarwater Rutthy Taubb Margaret Taulbee Judith Taylor Allison Teague Sherry Teeler Ludi Teferi Maia Tellier Gregory Temmer Anne Temple Brenda Tenerelli Mark Thatcher Wolf Theurer Mary Thiel Valerie Thoennes Phoebe Sorgen Thomas Ralph Thomas Roxie Thomas Nicole Thomas Patricia Thompson Doug Thompson Patsy Thompson Berenice Thoreau de la Salle Addy Thornton Zoe Ann Thruman Wendy Tico Laurie Timmermann Jeff Tipp Tuire Tirkkonen Barbara Titus Beatrice To Andrew Tomlinson Pati Tomsits Johnny Torch Tracy Townes Mossella Tozhe Linda Trageser Susan Traill Jenny Trejo Jeanene Tremoulet Lyn Trevi Kathleen Tribel Joan Troth Brenda Troth Melissa Trott Debra Trublood Victoria Trujillo Karen Truskowski Mei Tschang Jamie Tucker Ma'ata Tukuafu Alice Turkel Martha Turner Charlie Turner Marla Tyler Colleen Uchman Nick Udod Julie Ulchak Kim Ulloa Wendy Ultan Nadia Unda Kathlin Uzarski Richard Uzarski Jr . Val Vadeboncoeur Kent Vadelius Ekaterina Vakhrusheva Daniel Valentin Stephen Van Herpe Emily Van Horn Diane Van Schoyck Sandra Vandestreek Nancy Vanerka Douglas Vanerka, Deborah Vanko Guy Vantresca Irena Varjabedian Karen Varney Michele Vasquez Sandra Vassanelli Maria Cornelia Vermeire n Deanna Vetrone Matthew Vetter Emanuele Vianello April Villavicencio Dunlap Chelsea Villegas Caroline Vincent Paul Virga Al Vitale Chris Vitolins Ronald Vivar Linda Vivas -Houghton Ralph Vliukas Ginger Vogler Melissa Volquardsen Laura von Hausen Jelena Vujic Trisha Wade Sean Wadsworth Kari Wagber Nancy Wagner Nancy Wagner Charles Wahlheim Carl Waldo Cy Walker Jon Walket Larry Wallace Gary Wallace Diana Waller Hunter Wallof Alexis Walsh Kerry Walter Suzanne Waltman Michelle Walwrath Vickie Wangberg James Ward Marlene Ward Robert Ward Carol Wardell Scott Wardinsky Wanda Warkentin Kevin Watson Elaine Watson Carol Watson Kevin Watson Jane Weal Susannah Weaver Jean Weaver Allison Webley Vesta Webster Dima Wehrlie Chantelle Weich Michael Weiler Stacy Weinstei n Eric Weinstein Lisa Weinstein Lesley Weinstock Jamie Weiss -Yagoda Beth Weist Richard Wendling Kyra Werbin Harri Wes Mary Westbrook Landon Westbrook Olivia Westbrook John Westerlund Christine Westfeldt Edwin Westhoff Ellen Whitaker Michael White Charlie White Phoebe White Silene White Leonard White Miriam Whitehead Karen Whitney Gary Widman Allan Widmeyer Katya Wieber Cheryl Wiener Dena Wiesner Sherry Wildfeuer Matthew Wiley Rachel Wilkins Milt Wilkins Amber Wilkins Thomas Williams Aubrie Williams Frankie Williams Jahmar Williams Joanna Williams Taffy Williams Kirsten Willis Marguerite Willner Mike Willner Jami Wilson Carrie Wilstead Deb Wind Meredith Winner Jennifer Winters Dan Witt Valerie Wolf Iris Wolfe Carolyn Wolfe Yumi Wong Patricia J. Wood Douglas A. Wood Valinda L . Wood Warren Woodward Whitney Worboys Chamiesha Woullard Linda Wraxall Terri Wright Sarah Wright Lynn Wright Terry Wurden Patricia Wynne Greg Yagoda Victor Yee Barbro Yngvelli Lila York Rhonda Young Steve Young Kimberly Young Quincy Youngkin Sara Youssef Kim Zagar Celestine Zamolxiana Loren Zan Kris Zanoni Nick Zedd Sam Zeiger Dennis Zerbo Marie Zerr Daniel Ziervogel Terri Zink William Zmistowski, Jr . Susan Zubalik Lelde Zuka

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